Airport Worker Fired Over Facebook Photo: Is This Right?

Irish airport worker Alex Duffy was fired earlier this month after posting a photo of himself and singer Nadine Coyle from the band Girls Aloud.

The airport was alerted to the photo after numerous negative comments about Coyle were posted in the comments.

Duffy is now reaching out to Coyle for help, AOL Travel UK is reporting.

Here’s where the case gets a bit tricky – Duffy was already on probation for another, unrelated Facebook violation the Metro reported. It seems as if the official firing was for violating company policy twice, not simply for posting the Facebook photo in the first place.

That said, it seems as if Duffy had done a rather harmless thing – posting a photo taken with (and approved by) the celebrity to his personal Facebook page.

It seems strange to us that this would have caused his termination. What do you think, readers? Should Duffy have been fired? Should security workers even be allowed to ask celebrities for photos, or is this a violation of personal privacy?

Weigh in in the comments.

[Image Credit: Facebook]