Names that don’t travel well

Whenever I am in a Spanish speaking country, I feel really special. Every time, I get a check, it says “IVA incluido.” That alone isn’t bad news for me, but since everyone else is getting checks with “IVA included,” it makes me feel, you know, a little cheap.

IVA is the Spanish equivalent for the VAT, so I find my name everywhere: from checks to car showrooms. I guess, it is not as bad as running for President with a name like Barack Hussein Obama, but CNN reports that crazy names are totally common for Indian politicians.

Here are a few of the people competing for legislative seats in India: Frankenstein Momin, Billy Kid Sangma, Britainwar Dan, Admiral Sangma, Bombersingh Hynniewta, Laborious Manik Syiem, Hilarius Pohchen, Boldness Nongrum, Clever Marak and Adolf Lu Hitler Marak.

Hitler must be a popular name in Mumbai. The restaurant “Hitler Cross” was forced to change its name, however, after Mumbai’s Jewish community protested.

Crazy budget airline names

What’s in a name? Nothing really, it’s just a name but I wanted to share some cheap thrill budget airline names with you guys:

Wizz Air: Hungarian Airline (in Britain you want to pee when you go for a wizz :)
Flybaboo: Has the tagline “A breath of Swiss air” hehe.
One-Two-Go: The domestic wing of Orient-Thai Airlines.
Spice Jet: Low cost domestic Indian airline. Well, India and spice can be synonyms, so it’s actually quite a valid name.
Allegiant Air: Ironically it’s a Las Vegas based carrier, that also allows cats and dogs on board. (I didn’t think any airline allowed that. Are there more?)
Tiger Airways: Asia-Pacific budget airline based out of Australia that seems to be a roaring success.
Fly-For-Beans: Not in air yet, but the name is great! It’s planned to be an airline for Europe, and with that name I’m sure it’s based out of Britain.
Spirit Air: Flies to the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Latin America.
BWIA West Indies Airways: That stands for “British West Indian Airways West Indies Airways”, haha. (I don’t think that’s meant to be funny. It’s probably one of those errors that is so deep-seated, there’s no point fixing it anymore).
Garuda Airlines: It’s an Indonesian airline, and ‘garuda’ is a Hindu/Buddhist mythological bird. Interesting as majority of Indonesia is muslim.

I remember when Virgin Airlines launched ages ago (now Virgin Atlantic) — I found its name cool and innovative; guess it’s way behind on that front now!