National Geographic Announces Student Expedition Photo Contest Winners

National Geographic has announced the winners of their second annual Student Expedition Photo Contest, selecting the best images from more than 2,500 entries submitted by high school students from across the country. Those amateur photographers were asked to share their photos that best convey a sense of adventure and exploration, along with a short descriptive caption explaining the image. The entries were then examined by a board of Nat Geo photographers and photo editors who judged them on the overall quality of the photography, the quality of the included caption and the extent to which the image captured the heart of student expedition.

The winner of this year’s contest was 17-year-old Lijah Hanley, whose beautiful image entitled “No Boundaries” can be seen below. He snapped the photo while on a family drive to Dallas, OR, where they were planning a picnic under the stars. Lijah, who finished second in last year’s contest, has earned himself an all expense paid trip to attend a 12-day photography workshop to be held in London later this year.

The second place photo, entitled “Anticipation,” was taken by 16-year-old Julianna Brown and can be seen above. That image earned her a $250 gift card for the Nat Geo store. Third place went to Emily Watson, 18, who received a $100 gift card.

All of the winners, along with the other finalists, can be viewed by clicking here. Judging by the images that are on display there, I’d say there are some very talented photographers in this group.

National Geographic announces photo contest for students

Earlier this week, National Geographic launched their first ever Student Photo Contest by inviting high school students to submit a photo that they think best captures the essence of exploration. Entrants into the competition will be competing to win a trip on a Nat Geo Student Expedition later this summer.

Aspiring shutterbugs are encouraged to comb through their photo library to find up to five images that they wish to enter into the contest. Then they simply visit the submissions page where they’ll be asked to upload the photos and write a brief 100-word description of each image and how it defines exploration for them. Once that step is complete, they’ll be able to share their photos online with friends and family as well.

The winning image will earn the photographer an all expense paid trip to London to attend this summer’s London Photography Workshop. That 12-day program will allow students to hone their skills while learning from one of National Geographic’s top photographers. Mornings are spent in the classroom studying new techniques, while afternoons are spent out in the field where they’ll be able to put their newfound skills to the test. The trip is valued at approximately $6500 and is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lucky photographer of any age.

The photo contest is open to U.S. residents who are currently in grades 9-12. Submissions are being accepted through April 1st with a winner being notified via email by April 16. For more information, including the official rules, click here.

National Geographic photo contest highlights

Everybody likes a good ol’ National Geographic photo contest. The magazine attracts the finest photographers and by the same token, the magazine attracts those with a taste for the finest photography. Thousands upon thousands of people enter National Geographic’s photo contests and, as you might suspect, there are plenty of great photo entries that don’t win the contest. Luckily for all of us photo-appreciators, National Geographic highlights some of their favorite shots as the contest goes on. And even more luckily for us, The Atlantic’s In Focus gathered 45 of their favorite entries thus far for our viewing pleasure. Featuring impressive photos in full size, you can check out the In Focus round-up from the contest here on The Atlantic’s website.

National Geographic photo contest open through the end of November

Attention photographers: there’s a National Geographic photo contest open until November 30th. The esteemed magazine is famous for spectacular photography and simultaneously famous for spectacular photo contests. The most recent photo contest is themed People, Places, and Nature. Judged by National Geographic photographers, the grand prize winner will received $10,000 as well as a trip to the National Geographic headquarters in Washington D.C. The photos will be judged on both creativity and photographic quality. National Geographic requests that the entries reflect real life, captured as it was at the moment in time that the photo was taken. If you have a great shot, enter it! (The subtext being… why not?).

Find more information on the contest here on the National Geographic website.