Plague Closes Campground

That darn plague. It shows up in the darndest places. There you are having a great time with friends in a Utah National Park, and some little critters go and get all plaguey on you. Next thing you know, you get bit and run around frothing at the mouth before falling down dead. I hate it when that happens.

OK, this aren’t quite that bad, but according to this Yahoo news report it seems that there is a plague problem in Utah. In fact, officials have temporarily closed a campground at National Bridges National Monument in Utah when they found that some field mice and chipmunks tested positive for the bubonic plague. The Black Death in Utah? Say it isn’t so. That’s almost as ad as 3.2 beer.

But worry not, dear Gadling readers. Scientists say that the plague rarely if ever jumps from rodent to human. Not in, oh, several hundred years or so. And how did that turn out? I forget.