How Lindblad Expeditions takes care of recycling aboard the National Geographic Explorer

You think sorting your recyclables and trash is a hassle? Try doing it when you are on a ship that travels to some of the most pristine places on earth – while dealing with extremely strict maritime regulations.

On board the National Geographic Explorer, all trash is hand-sorted, and split into different recycling streams – plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum, cans, glass, food waste and hazardous waste.

Because of the risk of spreading things like mad cow and foot & mouth disease, none of the food waste can be composted, so it gets incinerated ashore.

The Lindblad Expeditions commitment to recycling is so serious, that the ship has a dedicated recycling/refuse manager. You can learn more about their recycling measures and the work involved in keeping their ship clean at the Lindblad Expeditions blog.