National Geo Photosites: Resources for the Rest of Us

We find another reason to love National Geographic almost every week day it seems. It’s pretty obvious that most of us over here at Gadling (and probably you too) are a little bit in love with the glossy paper mags, but I have to give some linky love to their website. Every time I get to digging around over there, I find something new to drool over between the main site and National Geo Traveler. What with the Six Places To Go and Adventurer of the Year, can you blame us?

Erik told you about the National Geo blog that Jessie Johnston and Emily King spin into informative fun, and on a tip from a fellow travel geek who saw that I was interested in amateur photography, I found the Photosites page! I have been on a mission to determine which camera I should upgrade to for my upcoming round the world (RTW) trip, and the fact that six of the winners of NG’s Photo Contest, and most of my favorite photographers use Nikon was a huge factor in my decision to go with the Nikon D50 as a companion to my Coolpix S6.

The Photosites page is like candy for a of photographer of any level, with Editor Scott Stuckey and other top photographers recommending their favorite photo sites, where you can get inspired, learn tricks of the photo trade, read reliable gear reviews before you buy, and find the best places for sharing and printing photos. They included this as a highlight in the Jan/Feb print edition (on newsstands now). This feature on the site makes sense if it isindeed true that the Photo Galleries are the most-visited section of the National Geographic Traveler site. If you are looking for more “hands on” help, check out the photography (and writing!) seminars.