California Native American Day

Native American Day is something the California State University at San Bernadino has taken to heart. When Ronald Reagan signed the resolution in 1968 to make the 4th Friday of September, American Indian Day, the aim was to foster knowledge about California’s Native American population. The university holds a five-day Native American Culture Conference for educators as part of their commitment to honor the resolution’s intent.

The conference started yesterday and will culminate in an evening event that is open to everyone this Friday, September 28. If you go, you can expect Native American music, art, food and Native American bird songs.

Here’s something to know. California has more than 100 recognized tribes. This is more than in any other state. To find out more about California’s Native American history, the 500 Nations Web site seems to be a decent place to start. Here you’ll find links to events, places to visit, casinos and tribes.