Photo of the Day (10-8-08)

Isn’t this shot taken in Boulder, Colorado and posted by chinmaya sn the visual equivalent of a poem? So still, lovely and transient. A perfect image for the movement into fall.

Send your shots our way here at Gadling’s Fllickr Photo Pool. We love to ponder.

Photo of the Day (4/09/08)

Besides the crocus and daffodils, the first flowers to burst forth in my neighborhood are the dogwood trees. They aren’t as fragrant as the magnolias in South Korea pictured here, but yesterday I could feel the sluggishness from the grey of winter disappear when I took in their beauty and promise. Sounds corny, but it’s true. My daughter who was riding with me burst out with “I love spring!,” and she is not prone to exclamations.

Thanks Lady Expat for such a glorious shot. For an up close view go to the Flickr page and scroll down. there you can really see the silky texture of the petals. Post your own beauties at Gadling’s group on Flickr.

Photo of the Day (8/30/07)

Wow, that’s a lot of shades of blue in this spectacular photograph of Canada’s Lake Louise by Gadling reader Davo77.

And then, of course, there’s the reflection. Wow, again!

This is one of those rare photographs that immediately stopped me in mid-scroll as I surfed through our Gadling Flickr Pool. If you have a shot that might do the same, please visit the site and upload it right away; you too might be selected as our Photographer of the Day.