Turn Travel Sounds Into Jewelry: Sound Wave Necklaces

Rusty Blazenhoff
recently wrote about sound wave necklaces on Laughing Squid. Created by Berlin-based designer David Bizer, these necklaces are custom made and based off of the sizes of sound waves in a recording. Bizer offers these necklaces in acrylic, wood and silver and they can be strung on leather, PVC or elastic. But Bizer also has a detailed tutorial available on Instructables for those who want to make these necklaces on their own. So how does this tie into travel?As a musician, I think a lot about what I’m hearing when I travel anywhere. As I write this, I’m in my van in a parking lot where I spent the night outside of DC. The sound of the birds in the park beside this parking lot this morning was like a choir. Had I been interested in capturing that travel moment, I could have pressed record on GarageBand (or any other recording software). Were I inclined to translate the sounds of those birds this morning into a fashionable necklace with a personal memory behind it, I could have followed Bizer’s tutorial and done just that. Moving forward, I’ll be listening even more attentively to that which is around me while traveling. Whether it’s an interesting person I have just met, a street performer, water falling, birds singing, city construction or traffic or any other sound that captures the essence of a moment in travel, I now know I can record these moments and recreate them with jewelry. That’s pretty cool.

Photo of the Day (5.18.10)

I love finding pictures of bicycles that have been loaded to their maximum capacity, like today’s Photo of the Day from andreakw.

The photo was snapped on the shores of Cuban resort town, Varadero – one of the largest resort areas in the Caribbean. Also known as Playa Azul, the town welcomes over 500,000 visitors per year with it’s white sand beaches, cays, caves, and water activities.

If you have a photo of a bicycle being used to its full potential, send it our way – submit to the Gadling Flickr Pool and it could be our next Photo of the Day!