Photo Of The Day: Sunset After Nemo

Last week, Winter Storm Nemo battered the Eastern seaboard of the United States with torrential snow and sleet, not to mention a bitter cold freeze that lasts to this day.

In the calm after the storm, Flickr user Peter Rood captured this image of a stunning sunset over Boston, one of the cities hit worst by the storm. Where Mother Nature wreaks havoc, she can also bring extraordinary beauty.

Do you have any winter photos from your neck of the woods? Upload your shots to the Gadling Flickr Pool or tag your Instagram photo @GadlingTravel and your image could be selected as our Photo of the Day.[Photo Credit: Flickr user Peter Rood]

Morpho AR Tent: No Poles Needed

Tent manufacturer NEMO has been developing their air-supported backpacking tents for several years now, and they’ve recently released the Morpho AR. Although a bit on the pricey side (MSRP $395 USD), the Morpho AR is supported by a technology they call “airbeams” which are capable of withstanding twice as much force as standard aluminum poles. It’s a cinch to setup, too. An included foot pedal will get you a fully erected tent in under 45 seconds. But if you’re conserving space, the integrated pump will do the job in under 90 seconds. Check out a video of the tent after the jump. [via]