Take the new Gossip Girl Tour of NYC

Remember the Sex and the City Tours? And then the uber expensive, $24,000 Sex and the City Tours? Well, a new show is now stealing the spotlight for Manhattan’s trendiest tourists (oxymoron?) — Gossip Girl.

The Gossip Girl Sites Tour will take you to 40 locations used in filming the Upper East Side’s high school drama Gossip Girl. Naturally, the New York Palace Hotel where the Bass and Van der Woodsen families reside is included, as is the Fifth Avenue building where Blair supposedly lives. You will also get to shop at Henri Bendel (expensive bags not included), and be “spotted” by the anonymous Gossip Girl blogger. The trip will cost you $40 and just a liiiiiitle pride.

What’s next, a 90210 tour of L.A.? Oh. (It’s just virtual.)

[via NewYorkology]