Security breach sticks passengers in NJ for extra six hours

Imagine the joys of spending an extra six hours in Newark, NJ. So, how pissed would you be at the one guy responsible? Now, multiply that by all the people in Newark Liberty International Airport. That’s a lot of anger.

At 5:30 PM on Sunday, a passenger walked the wrong way through the exit at the security checkpoint in Terminal C. He was stopped while the authorities reviewed surveillance tapes in an attempt to discern his identity.

Meanwhile, passengers were kicked from the secure area of the terminal and required to go through security again. Just imagine the length of those lines! After a thorough search of the terminal, the checkpoints opened at around 11:45 PM

One passenger wasn’t upset about the delay but did express irritation over the lack of organization in the terminal, a fair assessment, really. While I’d be angry at the passenger who bypassed security, I’d also be pretty furious at the security guards for letting the situation happen at all.

The security checkpoints reopened approximately 15 minutes before enhanced security measures took effect.

[Photo by The Consumerist via Flickr]

Rats spotted at Newark Liberty International Airport

Shocking, I know.

But seriously — Travel answer-man Christopher Elliott fielded a question today from a gentleman who spotted a family of rats in Newark International Airport.

“I’m sitting in Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport – in the gate area for gate A14,” he wrote. “I’m supposed to be a couple of gates down, but when I went to sit down I was alarmed to see a small, dark brown rat peeking out from under the seat. I figured I’d go someplace else.”

Upon further investigation, the man found that the rat had at least one other friend. “I’m not the shrieking, stand-on-a-chair type – but I’m also not willing to just ignore them. Who should I call?”

Elliott recommends that he, or anyone at Newark’s airport fortunate enough to spot something small and furry, call the non-emergency number for the Port Authority.

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine a complex as large as an airport being completely devoid of little critters, but still, you don’t want them sharing a seat with you.

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