Sunset Park’s Sunset Park: Brooklyn, New York

Finding the right apartment in New York City isn’t always easy, especially not when you’re looking for amenities that are luxuries in a city so dense – like a private back yard or a washer/dryer in unit. When I found what I was looking for, including those prized extras, I snagged the place without much thought and soon started venturing to my nearest dog park-included, city park. That park is Sunset Park and although I’m now on my ninth year of living in New York City, I’d never been to the park before living near it.

The little pocket of Brooklyn I’m now living in is home to the two highest points in the borough, one of which is inside of Sunset Park. Sunset Park shares its name with the surrounding neighborhood, which can be a little confusing to outsiders at first. What makes Sunset Park so special though is that elevation – the view of Manhattan and beyond is breathtaking. Atop the park’s centered and large hill, you can see the Freedom Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, New Jersey and much of Brooklyn all at once. Since moving to the neighborhood, I’ve taken in this view a dozen times or so. I saw Hurricane Sandy’s ominous clouds creeping over the city’s skyline and I later saw Lower Manhattan blackened from the storm.

[Photo Credit: Ben Britz]


The park’s dog park is impressive in size and, unlike so many other NYC public areas for dogs, it’s completely covered with grass. In addition to the gorgeous views and the grassy fields, trees and benches that accompany those views, the park also houses a large pool that has been open since 1936. A recreation center and playground keep the kids coming with their parents in tow. Sunset Park also offers a Computer Recreation Center, a dance room, a library and a workout room. Suffice it to say I’ve been pretty impressed with this modest park. No matter where you’re staying in NYC, this park is worth checking out for the view alone.