Sad trombone sound to reflect your worst travel moments

What would happen if you could insert a sad trombone sound into your worst travel moments? Each instance where something goes wrong, a trombone woefully sounds out.

Here are ten moments I’ve thought of that would work well with a sad trombone sound as a back drop. Do you have any sad trombone moments to share?:

  1. You are at an airport and find out that you’ve been bumped from a flight.
  2. You’re running to catch a train, but just as you reach it, it chugs away.
  3. You’ve just found out that you have been going the wrong way for more than an hour, and you’re lost besides.
  4. You’ve arrived at your destination but discovered that you left your best outfit, the one you needed, at home.
  5. You thought you were going to one destination, but ended up at another
  6. You’re on your fifth try at ordering off the menu, but the restaurant still doesn’t have what you want
  7. You’re so looking forward to going to a certain attraction, but when you arrive, you find out you’re there on the day it’s closed and your flight out is the next day.
  8. The great place you remembered from childhood has turned into a rundown, half-abandoned attraction.
  9. You’ve looked forward to that beach vacation for years. The week you’re at the beach you have a stomach bug.
  10. You’re standing in line to pay for souvenirs but you discovered you’ve been pick pocketed and your wallet is missing.

Nick Chordas, who edits The FlipSide section of the Columbus Dispatch, gave the heads up yesterday about this sad trombone sound. Doesn’t it seem fitting now that you’ve heard it?