Hawaii’s Most Beautiful Waves Captured On Camera

It’s no secret that Hawaii is one of the world’s most beautiful places, but these new images of the waves crashing into the sand showcase a magnificent vision, the likes of which we’ve rarely seen.

US-based photographers Nick Selway, 28, and CJ Kale, 35, used standard camera equipment with waterproof cases and stood, often for hours, in the surf to capture these standout images. The two own Lava Light Galleries on Hawaii’s Big Island.
Kale, a Hawaii resident, told the UK’s Daily Mail, “We spend most of our time in the water photographing, but to get these kinds of shows isn’t easy and it takes a lot of patience to get it right. Fortunately it paid off this time and we managed to get an amazing set of images.”

Selway added that his motivation was to “capture Mother Nature’s beauty and light in the most unique way possible.”

The pair also told Daily Mail that they love to photograph active volcanoes. Check out the links above to their Flickr accounts for more amazing images. We can’t wait to see more from these two adventure seekers!