Word for the Travel Wise (01/04/07)

Don’t ask me why I picked this word today. I just did. Maybe someone out there will want to woo a pretty Nigerian woman with a broken English and Yoruba poem or just shout it out loud as the only word they know. However, the last reason really should not be the case as I’ve provided a good handful of words to get you started if traveling in the country and looking to speak some of the native tongues.

Today’s word is a Yoruba word used in Nigeria:

yemoja – goddess of the river

English is the official language of Nigeria, which means any traveler should be able to converse and navigate their way from Lagos to Jigawa with ease. (Unless you don’t speak English.) The country’s three main languages include: Yoruba, Ibo (Igbo), and Hausa. Each of the three main languages are named after the people they belong to and carry several dialects within themselves. Motherland Nigeria has an incredible intro to the three languages, Nigerian slang and even a few examples of common Pidgin English spoken. Some audio samples are available as well.

Past Nigerian / Yoruba / Igbo words: ikun, feran, kedu, odabo, gabdun, jo, joko, ewa