Photo Of The Day: Moulin Rouge At Night

Today’s photo, by Flickr user Rob_Sanderson, is of one of the more (in)famous tourist landmarks in Paris: the Moulin Rouge. I love the long shutter exposure of Rob’s shot, which brings out the warm neon’s fiery reds, twinkling street lamplights and a whirling blur from of the club’s iconic windmill. The image gives off a feeling of wonderful nighttime energy and hijinks to come.

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Photo of the Day (08.30.08)

I came to a depressing conclusion the other night: summer is almost over and that means that soon we will return to extended dark evening hours. I do love long summer nights when the sun sets late, but this photo was a good reminder of just how great evening shots can be. Big Ben stands almost secondary to the car lights that whiz by in this wonderful shot by fiznatty.

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