Photo of the Day (07.19.10)

I don’t get people who don’t like the beach. You know those people. All they do is complain about how they hate that sand gets all over them and that there’s nothing to do. Sure, we all hate when we take a bite of our sandwich and encounter than unmistakable crunch of sand mixed in with the turkey, but that’s a small price to pay for a day wearing next to nothing, swimming in the ocean and frolicking the same way we did as kids.

Where else can you bury your friends up to their necks, ogle scantily clad sunbathers and laugh when some kid gets blind-sided by a wave? That’s why I love this beach shot by Flickr user (and NileGuide staffer) AlexiUeltzen. The beach is for jumping and laughing and being free. Just make sure that you have someone rub lotion on your back. It’s the smart (and erotic) thing to do.

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