Nintendo Wii madness spreads to hotel rooms

There is no denying that the Nintendo Wii is a success. It is the only game console that is still challenging to find on store shelves, despite being out since 2006. So it comes as no surprise that some hotels are cashing in on the hype by offering special “Wii packages”.

Marriott currently have 5 properties in their portfolio who are offering a special “Wii and you” (groan!) package, which consists of a night in one of their rooms, a Nintendo Wii with 20 built in games, the Wii Fit unit and “a basket of sweet treats delivered upon arrival”.

The “Wii and you” amenity adds between $20 and $50 per night to the room rate, which is actually quite decent. Wii freaks will be interested to read that the Marriott Wii unit was specially developed by Nintendo for use in public areas, and does not require the use of game discs, all the games are built into the unit and can be selected using the Wii remote.

Marriott was not the first hotel chain to take advantage of the Wii hype, Several Westin hotels recently introduced the game console as part of their WestinWorkout fitness program, but the Wii and You program from Marriott is the first to bring the Wii into the hotel room itself.

In-room entertainment sure has evolved in recent years, guests are apparently no longer interested in $19 porno flicks and $7 diet cokes from the minibar.

I’m not sure I see myself sitting in a hotel room playing Wii sports, but I do think it could be a great way to keep the kids entertained while mommy and daddy enjoy some adult conversation, so kudos to Marriott for this innovation.