Photo of the Day (08.02.10)

Overly touchy couples always bother me. Sure, simple gestures like a kiss on the forehead, holding hands or walking with your arms around each other are acceptable and pretty adorable. But, when the general public has to endure seeing your hand in your girlfriend’s back pocket or some vertical dry humping while standing in the subway, you’ve crossed the line.

I once had to endure the horrible sounds of a couple attempting to eat each other’s faces on a hot air balloon ride. You know where people can go to escape your excessive PDA while in a hot air balloon basket? NOWHERE! It’s a friggin’ hot air balloon! Get your tongues out of each other’s head holes and gawk at the landscape like everyone else, you perverts!

Maybe that’s why I appreciate this sign photographed by Flickr user myeyesareclosed (second day in a row – wow!). Physical contact between couples can escalate quickly. Petting becomes heavy petting. Kisses become French kisses. Grinding becomes bumping and grinding. The last thing any of us need is a couple full on basting the turkey while we’re taking in the scenery.

Seen anyone having sex in public? Don’t add those pictures to the Gadling Flickr group. Instead, add your best travel photos and we might just use one for our next Photo of the Day.