Daily deal – Nokia text to speech GPS unit for $99.99

My daily deal for today is for the Nokia 500 GPS unit. This automotive GPS device comes with a huge array of features, including Bluetooth handsfree dialing, text-to-speech (including street and road names), video and music playback, and even a built in FM transmitter.

The Nokia 500 originally retailed for $400, but buy.com currently has it on sale for just $99.99 with free shipping.

Included in the package is the unit itself, a car charger cord, windshield mount, USB cable, 2GB memory card and even a carrying case.

Reviews of the unit are generally very positive, so you can rest assured that your $100 will go towards a reliable and well rated device.

(Via: Fatwallet)

Nokia and Lonely Planet team up to bring guides to your phone

Nokia has teamed up with Lonely Planet to bring their travel guides to select Nokia Mobile Phones.

Nokia phones with support for the free “Maps 2.0” application can purchase and download Lonely Planet guides directly to their phone. Each guide costs $13.99 which is slightly cheaper than their paper versions, which normally sell for around $18 each.

Lonely Planet currently has 100 different guides available for mobile use, with more on the way. By combining the GPS receiver built into many current Nokia phones, you can make the move from paper guides, to an advanced guide with turn by turn directions. Of course, for some people there is no replacement for a good old paper guide full of scribbled notes and bookmarks.

This is the second phone Lonely Planet has added mobile support for. Previously, they introduced a lineup of spoken phrase guides for the iPhone, it is however the first time they have made their popular guides available for a smartphone.

With more and more phones adding GPS receivers, it is probably only a matter of time until other phones get access to the guides, location based services are taking off in a huge way, and within the next few years it is expected that 50% of all new phones will have GPS built in.

To get Lonely Planet guides on your Nokia phone, you will have to install Maps 2.0, you can check whether your phone supports this here. To download a guide, simply open your maps application, click “extras”, then “guides”. Alternatively, you can download the Nokia maps loader program to your PC and install the guides locally. If you are traveling abroad, I highly recommend purchasing the guides you need on your PC, to save the insanely high data charges when you roam on an international network.

Source: Nokia press release