See Antarctica by air on a 12-hour non-stop flight

I’ve heard of many cruisers offering trips to the Antarctic, but this is the first time I hear of a flight that takes you over the continent in 12 hours. The Boeing 747-400 covers five main spots on the continent’s east coast.

Organized by Croyden Travel, you can board one of these flights from Sydney or Melbourne, and cost between $999(economy)-$5699(first class). The plane doesn’t land, you don’t require your passport to travel, and you get to change seats once on the flight. Meals and drinks are provided too.

The next flight is new year’s eve 2008; if you take this flight you will be the first to see the Sun of 2009!

Although it sounds great and I’m sure the aerial view of the glaciers is mind-blowing, I’m not sure I’d want to pay that much for a trip where I’m couped up for 12 hours. I’d take a week long cruise instead.

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