Chef Mike’s

Catfish Friday is one of those things you stumble upon and think “My goodness it’s my lucky day!” Such is what happened when I entered the Community Cafe on the corner of 24th and Lake Street in Omaha, Nebraska. At the Community Cafe you can expect a few things; casual dining atmosphere (cafeteria style), affordable prices and enough food to keep you fueled for the entire day. And my plate, covered with a rather healthy size catfish, collard greens, spaghetti and cornbread did exactly that. Everything before me was delicious and had the kind of touch my own mother would have graced the plate with however; it is Chef Mike who does all the cooking and a fine job too.

Catfish isn’t the only thing to be found on Chef Mike’s menu. Head in on a Monday and taste the ‘Blues’ Cajun style or swing in on a Tuesday for some tantalizing tacos. (Have I had the tacos – no, but if the catfish is great I’m willing to bet the tacos are just as good if not better.) Don’t take my word for it, visit the Community Cafe in North Omaha or Chef Mike’s site to learn more about his catering business.