Daily gear deal – Logitech cordless laser mouse for $15

Today’s deal is for a Logitech cordless optical mouse. Carrying a cordless mouse is perfect if you need to get some work done on the road and don’t want to deal with the trackpad on your netbook or notebook.

The mouse features a small cordless receiver that snaps into the bottom, 6 months of use off a single battery and will work on Windows and Mac machines.

With a low price like this, there is of course one thing you’ll need to know – the mouse is refurbished, which means it was once returned to the vendor and has been brought back to its “as new” condition.

Still, if you can deal with a great mouse that doesn’t come in a snazzy retail box, then this is a fantastic deal at just $14.99, especially since it comes with free shipping.

Daily deal – Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook mouse for $30

My daily deal for today is for the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 (seriously, who comes up with these names?).

This battery powered cordless mouse communicates with your PC using Bluetooth technology, so your laptop or desktop will need to have built in Bluetooth, or a Bluetooth USB adapter in order to use it.

The mouse is a tad smaller than a regular desktop mouse, but still features a scroll wheel, back button and a high resolution laser for tracking your movements.

The mouse even includes a carrying bag to prevent damage when you throw it in your laptop bag. The Notebook mouse 5000 works on Windows and Mac machines, and normally retails for $49.99, but is currently on sale for just $29.99 through Amazon.com. Since it is over $25, you’ll even get free shipping.