Gadling gear review – NOZIN nasal sanitizer

That is right dear readers – the title really does say “nasal sanitizer”. This Gadling gear review is going to give you a quick look at NOZIN.

NOZIN is a long lasting antiseptic, designed to create a barrier against germs. The product consists of a small (8ml) bottle and 30 swabs. NOZIN is applied to the inside tip of your nose using the included swabs.

A lot of people HATE nasal sprays and other foul smelling nasal products (I know I do), but NOZIN is actually very pleasant – the product has a nice citrus scent.

The main purpose of this product is naturally to keep germs from entering your nose, and travelers are of course a perfect target market for this. According to the manufacturer, studies have shown that the risk for infection on an airplane is one in five.

The big question is of course whether the product works. Despite my love for Gadling and our awesome readers, I really draw the line at sniffing sick people just to prove a point. So, the only thing I can work with is the research done on the product.

NOZIN took their product to an FDA recognized lab, and the conclusion was that the product is 99.99% effective at killing bacterial pathogens like staph aureus, strep pneumoniae and strep pyogenes. The research also concluded that the product was 99.98% effective at killing pathogenic virus like the common cold inducing rhinovirus type-14 and even SARS and influenza type-A.

Clinical studies showed that NOZIN was able to reduce harmful germs by 90% when applied correctly.

Applying the product is really simple – you squeeze 4 drops of the liquid onto a swab, and circle the swab on the inside tip of your nose. you then squeeze your nostrils together to make sure they are coated in the liquid.

The main ingredient in NOZIN is ethyl alcohol, so there are no resistance building ingredients that could cause trouble if you use the product on a regular basis.

Bottom line is that NOZIN should work just fine, and given the kind of stuff floating around on airplanes, I’d say it is worth trying. I can’t say that I could feel the germs dying in my nose, but with the research on the product, I do feel confident that it is an effective way to reduce the risk of getting sick when flying, or traveling anywhere else where the risk of illness is increased.

The product costs $14.95, which includes enough liquid for 60 doses. You can purchase NOZIN directly on their web site, and if you purchase before June 1st, you can get 10% off any order, plus free shipping on orders over $25.