Nude Resorts Big in Western Florida

Many of you may not know where Pasco Country, FL is, but I know its location quite well. It’s about 20 miles away from my homes digs in Tampa, FL and to my surprise a booming spot for nude tourism. According to this USA Today piece popular nudie resorts like Paradise Lakes, Lake Como and Caliente Resort and Spa are doing all they can to bring in more tourists. Whether it’s family-style with activities like nude camping and karaoke or flashy medical spa facilities they want your business. And despite the older looking couple photographed on the side they are encouraging college-age kids to take it off. For the upscale Caliente resort they are looking to grab the attention of the Ybor City party crowd, while Paradise has teamed up with a USF public relations student to promote free admission, cheap brew and reverse strip poker. Hmm…

I’m not going to lie. I’ve done the whole nude thing a time or two in Ibiza, but my bare-skin activity went no further than basking on the warm beach in search of the perfect tan. Something about singing my karaoke favorites in a room full of naked people freaks me out. As if displaying the rather large birthmark on my bottom isn’t bad enough, now I have the opportunity to demonstrate my lack of singing skills in the nude. (Shudders.)

Whatever floats your boat.