Cross-dressing nuns get off in Crete

Insult is added to industry when you appear in court wearing the clothes that got you arrested. The 17 Britsh men, ranging in age from 18 to 65, who were pinched for their drunken nun-attired escapades made their appearance this morning – and were judged innocent! Nobody, it seems, was willing to talk … or, they just didn’t think it was worth it to testify.

According to local police, the British tourists dressed as nuns and carried crosses. Under their habits, however, they were clad in thongs, which they had a penchant for flashing. This behavior resulted in charges of exposing themselves and offending religious symbols.

With no witnesses, though, the judge had no choice but to judge them innocent. Local residents need not worry: there will be more.

A report on BBCD says that “Malia has become synonymous with Britons behaving badly.” I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what the next costume is!

Drunk Brits get Crete arrest for nun prank

How many people actually dress up as nuns when they get drunk?

In Crete, the answer was “17” recently. That’s how many drunk British tourists were arrested for insulting the Catholic Church. After a bit of extra imbibing, they donned “nun attire and naughty lingerie,” which didn’t sit too well with the local cops.

The tourists were busted in Malia, which is a popular destination for the young, drunk and rowdy. Even seasoned resort-town resident, who’ve probably become immune to the stupidity that tourists bring, have limits, it seems.

The penalty is most likely to be a fine.

UPDATE: After spending the night in jail wearing the lingerie they were wearing when they were arrested, the men have all been set free. Moreover, since no one showed up to testify that they had been upset by the tourists’ bawdy conduct, the court dropped all charges.

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Photo of the Day (01.15.08)

I never been a particularly religious person, but seeing nuns always makes me pause for a moment, as if I’m in the presence of a saint or a god-like figure. This photo captures that feeling perfectly — with the gentle mist thinly veiling the trees in the background and the bundled nuns going about their day in the foreground, the photo has enough depth to be a inspire the spiritual side in all of us. Thank to Our Man Where for the stunning image.

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