Old Spice is looking for guys to send on the “ultimate internship”

Old Spice (yes, Old Spice) is looking for a couple of adventure seeking guys to send on the internship of a lifetime.

In the Old Spice Adventure, the company will send you surfing in Fiji or snowboarding in Switzerland (in lederhosen of course). Interns will be assisted by professional athletes Gretchen Bleiler and Anastasia Ashley.

The winners will spend 5 days on location, performing challenges and keeping Facebook and Twitter up to date on their antics. To help make life on the road a little easier, you’ll also get $1000 spending money for each day of the challenges.

Of course, you’ll have to convince the people at Old Spice that you are the ideal candidate – and you’ll obviously be up against some pretty creative others. So, if you have what it takes, head on over to the Old Spice Adventure challenge site. The contest started yesterday, and you have till April 15th to enter.