Photo Of The Day: Le Mont Saint-Michel

Across the Cherbourg Peninsula from the infamous Omaha Beach in Normandy is one of France‘s most striking landmarks, as well as one of the most popular outside of Paris, Mont Saint-Michel. Dominating the the landscape of this tidal island turned commune is the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey, a place so beautiful Victor Hugo lobbied to preserve it. Over the millennia and a half that the island has been inhabited, it has seen quite a lot of history, from being in British hands to being a prison for over 70 years.

This shot of the Le Mont Saint-Michel, which shows off its beautiful symmetry against a perfectly blue sky, was captured by Flickr user annegbt. If you have a great travel photo, submit it to our Gadling Flickr pool and it may also be featured on as our Photo of the Day.

Photo of the Day (10.09.08)

The only thing invading Omaha Beach these days is a line of thunderstorms as shot by Flickr contributor Styggiti.

It’s tempting to leave your camera home on when the weather looks less than ideal, but Styggiti managed to capture the emptiness of Omaha beach in a way that’s more thought provoking than if it were a clear day.

Way to go Styggiti.

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