Take a star-studded vacation the sneaky way

On Location Vacations is a website which tells you where the movies are shooting — like, exactly. People from crew members to extras to locals send in tips to the site to give you the locations of on-location movies, TV sets, and more.

The tab Daily Filming Locations is very well kept-up and features a detailed list of filming locations every weekday, as well as upcoming shoots they know about and requests for more detailed information where they have an incomplete tip.

This is obviously helpful if you’re gonna be in, say, New York City and you love “Gossip Girl” or “30 Rock” (both of which shoot their interior shots at Silvercup Studios but frequently shoot their outdoor scenes all over Manhattan), but you can actually plan a whole vacation with the site — just click on the Road Trips tab.

Hollywood studios love a bargain as much as the next company, which is why they often won’t be shooting where the movie is actually based. If you look through the “Road Trips” section, you can plot out tours of old Hitchcock sites, find random small towns where the celebrities are currently canoodling in local diners on their off hours, or find information on how to become a tipster yourself (they’re currently looking for more in Vancouver).

Want to just stalk the celebrities themselves and not their sets? Well, that’s there, too. Check out A Star Stalking Western Road Trip among others to find out where the celebrities live, and hook together a paparazzi-style trip all your own.

The site also features Events, Featured Essays, News and On Location Photos, but what really caught our eye was the Travel Inspiration tab, where they offer ideas for taking trips you might not have otherwise considered. If you’re too lazy for all this? Just type your current city into the “Search” field and see if there’s anywhere you can go spy on your lunch hour.

You might want to hit Wikipedia and catch up on Photography and the Law before you go … just sayin’.