Daily Pampering: Ona Spa’s Chocolate & Rose Treatment

LA’s beautiful Ona Spa has a decadent Valentine’s Day indulgence you don’t want to miss: The Chocolate & Rose Treatment.

Chocolate and rose aromas custom-made at the spa will tantalize your olfactory senses as you are scrubbled down with exfoliating cocoa powder and soothing aloe. After that, your body will be snugly wrapped in a jasmine and rose essential oil elixir and — here’s the kicker — you will be fed an organic truffle as the sensual mixture seeps into your skin. That’s pleasure from all sides.

Daniel Krasofski, who created the treatment, tells us that “The healing and normalizing properties of authentic rose oil has been used for centuries. It is used to balance all skin types while being ideal for stressed or mature skin. When the rose oil is applied with the special base oil, the skin can absorb more of the micro nutrients. The organic cocoa powder, when infused into the scrub, assists in exfoliation. It’s also believed that there are many antioxidant properties in cocoa.”

The treatment will hydrate and increase the elasticity of the skin, and the soothing fragrances and calm aura will bring your mind to sweet, sexy peace. You can get or give this 50 minute experience for $110.

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