India and now Korea: more toilet talk

India isn’t the only country having toilet summits; one is going to kick off in Korea on November 21. This one takes a special twist though as it encourages people to open their homes in the name of improving world hygiene — according to the UN about 2.5 billion people live without proper toilet facilities.

To commemorate the General Assembly of the World Toilet Association in Korea and to amplify his call for toilet sanitation, former Korean Mayor Sim Jae-Duck has demolished his own house and constructed a US$1.6 million house in the shape of a loo. Before he moves in, the house can be stayed in for a rent of US$50,000 a night and proceeds will go into building toilets for those who cannot afford them.

In the West, toilets and toilet paper are taken for granted and people complain about the dog poo they occasionally step into. In India, the government lets out pigs into the street to eat people’s excretion — there’s just so much of it.

In some villages of say 300 people, residents share one toilet. Hard to contemplate huh.

People crap isn’t the only problem, cows crap in the main streets too. That cow-dung we actually use as manure and fuel to cook on. It’s even splat onto walls of houses in villages where electricity is unaffordable, to keep them cool in scorching summers.

I think I don’t need to elaborate further on how unhygienic things can get from lack of toilets and sanitation facilities. I’m really happy that nations are collaborating to think of solutions for this massive problem.

[Via AFP]