Daily Pampering: Celebration of Life spa services at One & Only Palmilla in Los Cabos

One of the most magical sightings of the Baja Penninsula is the annual migration of the gray whale, which takes place each January through March. Skillfully combining the idea of renewal and water therapy, luxe resort One&Only Palmilla, has crafted a new “Celebration of Life” spa treatment at the resort’s 22,000 square foot spa.

Utilizing local salts harvested from the rich lagoons of Los Cabos, the one hour and forty five minute “Celebration of Life” treatment is choreographed to natural whale songs to soothe the mind. The treatment begins with a calming head, neck and shoulder massage. Warm salt compresses are then placed on the body while healing salts rich in vital elements are massaged into the skin to re-mineralize, gently exfoliate and increase circulation. A therapeutic massage to the back and feet is then performed to release any further tension. To conclude, the ESPA therapist floats the client in a bath of warm saline water allowing the buoyancy and support to gently massage the body and joints while easing stiffness and nourishing the skin.

The resort, beloved by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt and Eli Manning (just to name a few), is perched on the pristine cliffs of Los Cabos, halfway between the towns of Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Jose.

Just don’t let the idea that Speidi has visited the property ruin your experience.

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