Word for the Travel Wise (04/06/06)

Russian is the kind of language that
when looking at it even in the comfort of my own desk chair, in my room here in America, makes me feel a long way from
home. Just when you think you’ve recognized or made sense of a word or two a mutant-alienish letter like the backwards
n‘, upside down ‘g‘ or ‘y‘ with an underline underneath works their magic in keeping you
completely confused. It’s okay. We will both work through this together.

Today’s word is a Russian word used in Russia:

pronounced shak-zah-chniy  – means
fairy-tale; fabulous, incredible

Just say it okay! If you want to see what the word looks like
you’ll have to visit the archives here. If you can pull using this
word in a complete Russian sentence off, I’ll gladly pay for your RT airfare to Moscow. Okay, I lie. Any English as a
first language speaker talking fluidly and fluently in Russian is fabulous and incredible indeed, but me paying for the
round-trip airfare is an absolute fairy-tale folks. My apologies for teasing.

Ready to learn Russian? Check
out Master Russian first. They have numerous excellent sound files and the text
is clear and easy to read. Learning also goes beyond your Russian A, B, C’s at their site as they have crosswords,
literature, proverbs, folk music, and homework help. Other good sites include Learning Russian and this Ectaco
Translation Dictionary
. Click here for two language book
rec’s on Amazon. BBC has the basics to
download and hear audio, while Wiki provies the in depth
Russian lang
back history.

Past Russian words: