Buy Oprah’s old clothes

As I’m pawing through warm weather clothes and putting winter clothes away, I’m casting some of them off. Eventually, they may end up on the racks at a charity store in Columbus or in a pile at a market someplace in Africa.

Oprah, though, has enough cast-off clothes that she recently opened a store in Chicago so we can buy them. We can also buy her shoes. I have maybe two pairs of shoes that I could let someone buy. Usually, by the time I get rid of shoes, no one would want them. Oprah, though, has dozens. Clothes range from things she’s worn to some that maybe hung in her closet until she decided they are a no show–except, of course, on you. They are sold in the Oprah’s Closet section of the Oprah Store in Chicago.

To capitalize on all things Oprah, the Oprah Store also has Oprah inspired items–things that a person really needs like items peddled on her Web site. The thing is, I have so many Jamie things, that if I bought an Oprah thing, my house would explode.

If you do buy Oprah’s old things, the money does go to Oprah’s charity–the Angel Network. My stuff is heading to Volunteers of America. They’ll come get it. [Listen to recent Weekend Edition story on NPR]