Bronx Zoo cobra on the loose takes Manhattan…and Twitter

On Friday, an adolescent Egyptian cobra escaped from New York’s Bronx Zoo.

The reptile house closed immediately after her escape, and zookeepers are saying she could take weeks to come out of hiding. While we can’t vouch for the authenticity of the snake taking Manhattan, you can follow her adventures on Twitter, where @bronxzooscobra has been chronicling the travels of the errant snake with over 25,000 followers and counting. So where does a young snakess on the town go?

She first mused over a Broadway show, then taunted followers with her location in front of “the original” Ray’s Pizza (good luck checking all 46 locations claiming to be the first). After taking in the other wildlife at American Museum of Natural His(s)tory, she went downtown for a workout at Equinox Gym and a slither atop the High Line park. The Bronx Zoo cobra then tweeted about getting tickets for Jimmy Fallon before spotting Tina Fey at Rockefeller Center and heading back downtown to Wall Street. Despite asking for a vegan restaurant near Union Square, she ended up way uptown at Tom’s Restaurant from Seinfeld, where she may have found a hiding spot for the night in an unsuspecting apartment. Where will she go today?

Any New York travel tips for the cobress? Have you spotted any snakes, tweeting or just taking in the sights? While she is just 20 inches long, she is venomous, so watch your ankles!

Shop patiently – Souvenir tip

Patience will lead you to discover the most unique souvenirs.

When you begin to explore your travel destination, it may be difficult to keep from buying the first intriguing thing you see. After all, it’s so novel to you! Over time, though, you’ll usually realize that the same souvenirs are sold in almost every shop.

Once you get used to seeing the same things again and again, unique items that cannot be found anywhere else will start to stand out to you. These are the true prizes: gifts for those back home that are truly found nowhere else in the world!

Passport boxers for ID?

Anything goes when it comes to art and boxer shorts.

It’s hard to be original these days, very little phases me — I always feel like “ah, I’ve seen this before.” But boxer shorts with a passport page design is something I have never seen before, nor imagined. The idea has merit, but why would anyone wear underwear with a stranger’s passport printed on them? And pay $33 for a pair?! Tutut.

However, what would validate the price and give these boxers (and the guy wearing them) a 5-star coolness rating if he had his own passport printed on them. Now that’s hilarious and so random that it’s frickin’ cool!

In fact, with a little help from a printer and a tailor, you could totally custom-make these at home for way cheaper; you could even start a business! Many travelers would be suckers for personalized shorts like this, for themselves or as gifts to fellow travelers.

(Sorry Morphine Generation, I might have just killed your boxer business).