Hawaii says “stay away” to the Wienermobile

Apple pie, Baseball and the Wienermobile – seriously, there is not much more American than the iconic Oscar Mayer hotdog on wheels.

People everywhere love seeing the Wienermobile, and contests are held yearly so people can get a chance to drive it themselves.

Unless of course you live in Hawaii. An archaic 1927 law bans all billboards on the Hawaiian islands, and a local organization claims the Wienermobile should be part of that ban. The group, Outdoor Circle, is pushing to keep the hotdog off the island forever.

The Wienermobile visited Hawaii for 3 weeks in July, and as far as Outdoor Circle is concerned, that is going to be its last visit.

According to the people behind the organization, “6 to 12 O’ahu residents complained”. A 2006 law banning all vehicles with the sole purpose of advertising was also cited in the complaint.

The Honolulu mayor welcomed the Wienermobile to his city, and it was honored with an official “Oscar Mayer Wiener Day”. The mayor is now looking into possible violations, but pointed out that no official complaints were received by them.

Sometimes you just wonder whether people are having such a hard time finding better things to do. Complaining about the Wienermobile violating a 1920’s law just seems like a huge waste of time.


Hotel Hellsten a must in Stockholm

You expect a certain sleekness when you step into a Scandinavian hotel. The region is known for its nascent design talent, and a pedestrian property would detract from your experience. To get the full flavor of Stockholm, park yourself at the Hotel Hellsten. Comfort and style come together easily in these boutique digs. You’ll close your eyes in the warmth of a soft bed and open them to slick internal scenery.

The hardwood floors are nothing short of charming, and the bathroom is more spacious than what you find elsewhere in Europe. Stretch out in the bathtub (unless you’re taller than I am … in which case you don’t deserve to be enveloped in liquid heat), and forget about home, work and the stack of bills on the kitchen table. This is your time, not theirs.

Most views look out to the street or inward to the small courtyard. My situation was a bit unfortunate, however, as my window opened to the breakfast room. If you occupy my former spot, don’t forget to close the curtains. It’s awkward for everyone, otherwise.

If you stay at the Hotel Hellsten, you’ll find yourself right around the corner from Sweden‘s most amazing hot dogs. The stand serves grilled dogs in a pita with mashed potatoes, onions, lettuce, mustard and ketchup. It sounds unusual (and is), but try it anyway. Then, get a plain hot dog with only mustard, because these dogs can stand on their own. The mustard tastes like that in Iceland, with a hint of the cheese flavor from Oscar Mayer cheesedogs. There’s nothing like it — except in Iceland or at your local supermarket.

[Photo thanks to Hotel Hellsten]