Get Inspired With Outdoor Minded Magazine

If you’ve spent more than about 14 seconds with me in person you already know that I’m a freak for the outdoors. Surfing, trekking, biking, stand up paddling – anything to get me out of the house and into the outdoor air.

Throw in some off the beaten track travel destinations or someone pushing the limits in somewhere extreme and my adventurous wanderlust kicks into fifth gear. This is why I’m so amped to report on a relatively new online magazine that’s already putting out ultra inspiring content and sure to halt your in-office productivity.

In a direct quote from their website, “Outdoor Minded is a grassroots magazine deeply ingrained in the beauty of the outdoors, human powered sports, adventure, active lifestyles and environmental conservation.”

I mean, what else do you really need?

So what kind of content can you expect out of Outdoor Minded? How about a video showcasing the adventures of a Belgian surfer ripping apart waves inside the Arctic circle of Norway? Or, for a peek into the life of an epic outdoorsman, why not read through an interview with a NOLS river instructor?

From filmmakers wandering through remote parts of the Amazon to photo essays on the ebb and flow of the ocean, this is one site I am going to be relying on to consistently stoke the internal flame of adventure.

Why? Because really, the tag line in the sidebar pretty much says it all:

“Ditch the couch. It’s nice outside.”

Thanks for the advice, Outdoor Minded. I think a stand up paddle session is in order.