Over The River And Around The Detour With Road Travel Info Sources

over the river and traffic

Over The River and Through the Wood” is a Thanksgiving song that many travelers will be humming if not singing in a couple weeks as they hit the road for holiday events. To keep the holiday mood light, many will turn to a variety of online and smartphone tools designed to make life on the road easier.

Sigalert takes the California Highway Patrol definition of “any unplanned event that causes the closing of one lane of traffic for 30 minutes or more,” and turns it into data drivers can use to plan their trip. Complete with personalized routing and traffic alerts via email or text, a subscription version ($2.95/month) gives rich data, but just stopping by the Sigalert website reveals a quick, detailed snapshot of traffic right now.

Frixo.com specializes in giving traffic reports for UK motorways, updated every three to five minutes using sensors placed on motorways and common roads. Speed limits, traffic incidents, information motorists will see on electronic road displays, road work information and weather conditions that might affect a trip are also listed.At Traffic.com, U.S. drivers can check their drive time in a side-by-side comparison with delay time and average speed for a road trip from home to grandmother’s house. Traffic.com also invites visitors to visit NavteqMaps24.com where the future of mapping is happening right now.

At the top of the list of road trip guidance helpers is Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive, now part of mapping solutions company Navteq. Making revolutionary new maps that are as detailed and current as possible, this is the one we want along for the holiday ride or anytime, as we see in this video:

[Photo credit- Flickr user epSos.de]

TripAdvisor mobile app lands in the Nokia Ovi app store

TripAdvisor just announced the availability of a new app for Nokia touchscreen phones. The new app provides a familiar interface for mobile access to TripAdvisor reviews.

In the app, you’ll find reviews for hotels, restaurants, attractions and more, and just like in the iPhone version, you also get easy access to cheap airfares.

The app can be found in the Nokia Ovi app store, accessible on your device or though the Ovi web storefront. The app is free of charge, but obviously requires a data connection.

In addition to a dedicated Ovi app, TripAdvisor also announced integration with Ovi maps, making it easier to get walking and driving directions to any of the content provided by TripAdvisor. This new feature is being rolled out globally, and should be available within a month.

This new Nokia app marks the fourth platform supported by TripAdvisor – previous versions were available for the iPhone, Palm Pre and Android.

To learn more about the new Nokia TripAdvisor app, check out the brilliant TripAdvisor blog.

Nokia brings lifetime free turn-by-turn navigation and Lonely Planet guides to its smartphone lineup

Just last week, I wrote about the Nokia Ovi map service – and today, Nokia gave me one more reason to be impressed. As of today, the Nokia turn-by-turn navigation service will be available for free to all Nokia Smartphone owners.

There are one or two exceptions, but if you have a current generation Nokia device, you can leave your GPS unit at home.

Nokia is not the first to offer free navigation, Google announced it as a beta service in their maps application on Android devices, but unlike the Google offering, the Nokia navigation app does not require a data connection as all maps are stored locally.

It gets even better – because Nokia is also offering free Lonely Planet guides, free Michellin guides, free events guides and more. All this content used to be “premium”, but is now free as an add-on to the map application. And best of all – the maps, and all map updates will be free forever.

Next week, we’ll will bring you a full review of the free Nokia navigation application on their popular 5800 Navigation Edition smartphone. If you can’t wait – head on over to our friends at Engadget for their hands-on with the new free navigation app.