“Celebrities talk travel” worth the click

My initial thought about the celebrity travel interviews at travel.aol.com was “Oh, great. More celebrity gossip. Who cares?” But, after reading “Jonathan Bennet Talks Travel,” I read another interview– and another and another. I found each interview engaging and useful for picking up a tip or two.

What makes these interviews worthwhile and different from other celebrity interviews is that the celebrities are not firmly on the A-list. Their tone does not suggest that if one were a celebrity one could have a truly great life. You know–if you were Brad and Angelina. Or Tom and Katie. Or Oprah. These interviews are not about how much money one can spend for deluxe experiences, but what people do to optimize their travel success.

Even though the celebrities interviewed have had opportunities to see the world at a higher level than most of us, the interviews reflect their sense of wonder at the world and that they are figuring out how to travel with aplomb just like anybody else. After each read, I was left with the feeling of wanting to hit the road or buy an airline ticket myself.

Here are five celebrities and five travel tips.

  • Jonathan Bennet–Take a shower first thing when you arrive in your hotel room. (That’s the first thing he always does.)
  • Antonio Sabato Jr.–Wear comfortable clothing on an airplane or during a long car trip. (He wears sweats.)
  • Kim Wayans–Bring your own sheets and pillow (I often bring my own pillow case and sometimes a pillow depending on the circumstance and location.)
  • Criss Angel (a video interview)–Know about your destination’s climate so you don’t over-pack. (When going to Cabo, his favorite destination, he only brings a few pairs of shorts and leaves the shaving cream at home.) On the flip side of temperatures, know if you’ll need a sweater or a jacket– or both.
  • Bode Miller–Stay positive and be aware that delays and the unexpected may happen.