First Pakistani Woman to Tour Space

Namira Salim is not an astronaut. She does music, art, sculpture and is a peace activist, but among all this she will become the first Pakistani woman to tour outer space. In 2008 she will set out with Virgin Galactic (sister company to Virgin Atlantic) as one of the good will ambassadors for the company. The lucky woman was chosen as a member of Virgin Galactic Founders Club out of some 40,000 registrants. I’m not sure who the other lucky space travelers will be as the story as featured on South Asia Biz only mentions Ms. Salim.

Now this isn’t to take any attention off of Namira Salim, but I do art, like music and consider myself a highly peaceful person and I’d like to go to space. You know, I’m just saying this in the event that Sir Richard Branson is reading right now. It never hurts to have alternates and I wonder if they have a blogger in their far-out crew? You know, I’m just going to open this whole thing up for anyone with some extra cash to burn and not just Mr. Branson – be the first to help send a real travel blogger into space. That would be me, Adrienne Wilson of course. Pretty please.