Florida finds another reason to draw GLBT travelers: gay wedding specialists

Gay travelers have yet another reason to consider visiting Florida on their next vacation. Although Florida as a state has not legalized civil unions or gay marriage, The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach has become the first hotel in both the brand and the state to hire a certified gay wedding specialist.

Nancy Salatto-Deighan completed a program led by the 14 Stories Gay Wedding Institute to help same sex couples plan a special and meaningful celebration of their big day.

“The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach can further provide exemplary options and service to our guests and it is with great pride that The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach build a community for same-sex couples to celebrate their love and lives together,” said Michael King, the hotel’s general manager.

The hotel’s wedding specialist will offer services for very similar to that of a heterosexual wedding planner, seeking out unique venues, customized options and personalized services to help the bride and bride or groom and groom enjoy a memorable wedding day.

The service is definitely interesting, and we’re happy to see a brand encouraging same sex unions. But we can’t help but wonder – what makes the fundamentals of planning a same sex wedding that much different than those of a heterosexual union? Furthermore, why elect to begin this program in a state that doesn’t yet recognize gay marriage?

What do you think? Would you utilize a gay wedding planning specific service when planning your celebration? Is this a wise move by Ritz-Carlton or a PR blitz?

Ivana Trump forced off Palm Beach flight

What does Ivana Trump dislike about airplanes more than peanut packets or lines outside the lavatory?

Children running around, making noise in the aisles.

That’s what threw her over the edge on her Delta flight departing Palm Beach Airport yesterday.

Originally what made he upset was something about her first-class seat in the LaGuardia-bound plane. Flight attendants tried to calm her by offering her another seat and headphones. Then, it was the children running up and down the aisles that really made her angry.

The way that sources tell it, she turned belligerent and swore up a storm at everybody around her — the kids, the adult passengers, and even the sheriff’s deputies who asked her to voluntarily get off the plane.

She put up a fuss, then finally gave in and deplaned — only after the airline offered to let her fly on a later flight.

All told, the plane had to return to the gate and the scene caused a two-hour delay.

Florida airport lifts their chewing gum ban

What do Singapore and Palm Beach Airport have in common? They both ban the chewing of gum. At least, that was the case until last week.

Palm Beach airport had long been a gum-free zone. The airport operator banned the sticky candy in 1988 when they opened their newest terminal.

Back then, the airport was too afraid to deal with the rude and inconsiderate passengers who spit their gum out on the floor, or stick it to the bottom of chairs and tables (you know who you are!).

But as is often the case, money talks, so the airport finally lifted the ban, citing the possibility of $225,000 in extra revenue from gum sales alone.

That figure would mean the local county snags itself a not too shabby $50,000 in free money each year.

Honestly, do people buy that much gum at the airport?

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