Florida airport lifts their chewing gum ban

What do Singapore and Palm Beach Airport have in common? They both ban the chewing of gum. At least, that was the case until last week.

Palm Beach airport had long been a gum-free zone. The airport operator banned the sticky candy in 1988 when they opened their newest terminal.

Back then, the airport was too afraid to deal with the rude and inconsiderate passengers who spit their gum out on the floor, or stick it to the bottom of chairs and tables (you know who you are!).

But as is often the case, money talks, so the airport finally lifted the ban, citing the possibility of $225,000 in extra revenue from gum sales alone.

That figure would mean the local county snags itself a not too shabby $50,000 in free money each year.

Honestly, do people buy that much gum at the airport?

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