Tommy Lee, travel guide?

Former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee will star in an investigative travel show for the Syfy network, Culture Shock with Tommy Lee. Lee will attempt to uncover rituals, symbols and other mysteries of secret societies around the world.

The unscripted series will have hour-long episodes produced by ITV Studios America featuring the ex-husband of both Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson giving his opinion of bizarre things he finds around the world.

“This is the first show that I’ve been a part of that will blow our minds and reveal things that will explain almost all our questions,” Lee told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m very excited to be partnering with Syfy on this show. It’s going to be an amazing experience for all involved.”

We’re wondering if Tommy will start at SeaWorld in Orlando where he can investigate further his concern/anger over whale masturbation.

Certainly that qualifies as a ritual, symbol or mystery?

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Pamela Anderson thigh-high boots a problem at airport security

You’d think that world-traveler Pamela Anderson would know about airport security, taking off shoes and possible pat-down procedures prior to boarding an aircraft. Apparently not we see as Anderson, 43, was asked to remove black thigh-high boots to clear security recently.

Being a well-known celebrity does not exempt Anderson and others from the same airport security protocols as anyone else. Just last week, traveling from LAX to Dallas to host the Dallas SuperBash 2011 Super Bowl party at the Fashion Industry Gallery on Friday night, Anderson graciously complied when TSA asked her to remove the boots.

In photos of the incident, DailyMail tells us “Pamela Anderson looks glam, if a tad impractical for flying, as she approaches security at Los Angeles‘ LAX airport”

Speaking of coming into the country, the Canada-native, mother of two teen sons and animal rights activist has some strong views on illegal immigration.

“I’m an immigrant myself. It was a tough road to come to America and work. The American Dream is seductive, but there is a legal way to do it and there would be more jobs here for people if it was honored” reports FoxNews.

Photo: Gettty Images

Anderson’s celebrity status earned through her association with Playboy magazine, television productions Baywatch and Home Improvement and screen roles have made her known world-wide. Still, the boots were a problem and had to go when passing through airport security.

No word on if a pat-down was deemed necessary but you can bet the TSA guys are still talking about it.

Airports say no to sexy Pamela Anderson PETA commercial

‘Cruelty Doesn’t Fly’-Learn More at

PETA – the organization that fights for animal rights, is in the news again. This time, it is because one of their commercials has been banned from airport TV’s.

The animal rights fighters created a TV spot featuring Pamela Anderson, with the purpose of trying to convince people not to wear animal products. Their message is that “Cruelty doesn’t fly”, and that wearing skins, fur, leather or wool is not OK.

I can understand their objections to fur or exotic skins, but wool? Seriously? As is usually the case with PETA, they paint a pretty gruesome picture of how animals are treated.

According to PETA, they had planned to run the ad on CNN airport edition, but were told that it was “too racy” – watch the video above, and let us know in the comments whether you think it is appropriate to be played on airport TV’s.