Traveling in Korea with Children

Mum, mom, mother and momma are not nicknames I’ve been blessed to have at this time in my life and I’m in no rush to obtain one of the variations either, but for all the proud traveling parents out there searching for a good place to go with baby I present you with this guide from the Korean Tourism site. I’m sure an extensive amount of planning is needed to figure how you’ll be able to maneuver and keep your sanity for your return home and it looks like they’ve done a great deal of situation sorting for you. Transportation, shopping, restaurants, theme parks and special places to visit with children can all be found on their site. If you’re going to Korea or considering a vacation in Asia some place with your child or children this guide should hopefully answer some questions if not all. If Korea isn’t a destination of choice for you and your child at this time you may try scouring other tourism sites for similar info.