Literary-themed Paris hotel Le Pavillon des Lettres opens

What do Shakespeare, Baudelaire and Rousseau have in common? Aside from being some of the most revered authors and playwrights, these famous literary types now grace the walls of the newest Paris hotel, Le Pavillon des Lettres.

A classic Haussman townhouse in the 8th arrondissement, the boutique hotel, Le Pavillon des Lettres, features 26 rooms – each devoted to a letter of the alphabet and an international writer corresponding to that letter. Shakespeare, Baudelaire and Rousseau are among the authors whose quotes are elegantly scrawled on the walls en Français.

For English translations, boot up the room’s dedicated iPad, which is stocked with international bestsellers and daily newspapers, as well as jazz and classical music. The hotel’s library is stocked with the works of all 26 featured authors, and more.

Just in time for the holiday season, the hotel’s opening rates start at €300 (approximately $397 USD) through February 28, 2011 and include breakfast, complimentary Champagne from 6 -8pm, and a special gift of a caddy of the “2000 ans d’écriture” tea from the exclusive French tea house, Le Thé des Écrivains.

And if Paris‘ quintessential charm isn’t enough, here are some reasons to visit the City of Light:

  • The Marché du No el is set up along Champs Elysée from November 19-December 28
  • Swan Lake is playing at the Opéra-Bastille from November 29- January 5
  • Antiquity Rediscovered is the new exhibit at the Louvre from December 3-February 14
  • The state-regulated winter “soldes” are from January 12-February 15
  • Madame Butterfly is playing at the Opéra-Bastille from January 16-February 14

Daily Pampering: Inside the 4,300 square feet high roller suite at Paris Las Vegas

So – you just dropped $100,000 on the tables of Paris in Las Vegas? Well, you may in for a treat. Top tier high rollers at Paris may receive a room key for the Napoleon Suite. Located on the 31st floor of the hotel, this 4,300 square feet suite is a little bit of paradise overlooking the Las Vegas strip.

Five bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a private bar, media/TV room, dining room, walk-in closets, a butler (with his own pantry) and a living room with grand piano. Best of all, two of the bedrooms are located at the end of a long internal hallway, so you can invite some friends over and send them off to their own corner of the suite.

Of course, the luxury doesn’t just end with the number of rooms – the entire place is decorated like a palace. Gold is everywhere (including the master bathroom) and the spa tub overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

The master bedroom features his and hers bathrooms – which are larger than some hotel rooms I’ve stuffed myself into in Europe. Of course, all rooms have their own phones, with instant access to the butler service and in-room massage therapy.

Walk-in shower / steam room.

60″ TV with DVD, VCR and even a cassette player – all controlled by a large AMX touch screen media remote. Sit back, have the butler whip up some cocktails, and enjoy the game.

What better way to start the day than with a nice bath – with a fantastic view of course. Notice the gold plated faucets – polished to perfection every single day!

Only the best gold bidet for the best customers of course – along with a gold plated trash can, gold plated toilet roll holder and a gold plated flusher for the toilet. Doing your morning tinkle never felt so luxurious.

In Vegas, you haven’t really “made it” until you trade in the buffet comp pass for a high roller suite, and a meal served in your own dining room. Of course, you can also request food from one of the many restaurants on property – which includes the amazing $777 burger from the Burger Brasserie.

The Napoleon Suite is not for rent – it is only available to important customers and celebrities at the hotel. And no – even though I begged and pleaded to spend the night in this room, I was politely shown the door. Still, it was quite an experience.

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Opening photo courtesy of Scott Roeben of the Pulse of Vegas Blog.

This trip was hosted by Harrah’s Entertainment. The ideas and opinions expressed in this article are 100% my own.


Paris preparing for Hotel Le Seven

To know me is to know I love Paris. I love the vibe of the City of Light, the shopping on St-Germain-des-Pres, the nightlife in Montmartre, fresh baguettes and brie from the pâtisserie, afternoon espressos in Luxembourg Gardens and evening cocktails at the Plaza Athenee. I love strolling back to my hotel under the gas lights that guide the way through the city and watching people fall in love on the street at any moment.

One of the best things about Paris are the city’s various hotels, at various prices, in every neighborhood for every type of traveler. I’ve stayed in national chains and 10-room boutiques and every time I go back to Paris I find a new place to stay. One by the Five is one of Paris’ more outrageous hotels, and one of our top hotels for not-so-adventurous adventure travelers thanks to its floating beds and retro-design. Imagine my excitement when I learned that The Five was opening a sister hotel, Le Seven, this March.

Our friends at got wind of the hotel opening and the descriptions sound delightful. Apparently, Le Seven is taking a page from le minds of women and creating a le scene that adds a little fantasy into drab hotel rooms:

The Black Diamond Suite: Entirely black, a blend of materials, a glimmer of diamonds and mirrors in the entire suite, feel like you were in a diamond. The dark and shimmering feel of satin and crystal activates the senses and the rest is in your hands.
The Marie Antoinette suite: What would Marie-Antoinette’s room look like today? A large bed in padded white leather with pink glass shelves and a domed ceiling painted with a sky, from which a modern crystal chandelier, a large padded bench in the lounge, with crystal in the bathroom and pink fiberoptic lights.
The Sublime Suite: Dedicated to women, all in the soft tones and all white like a large cloud with curves and lighting to accentuate those curves. A large round bed with little droplets of light coming down from the ceiling.
The 007 Suite: With a series of 007 gadgets and a masculine feel. An oversized TV with all the James Bond movies available to you. A steambath shower to relax after an intense day.”

The hotel’s Facebook page also notes an Alice in Wonderland Suite, where “pillows and chairs looking like they come from another world, maybe because they do.” (I love the foreshadowing).

Rumor around the arrondissements is that the hotel will open in April and room rates start at 197 Euros a night.