Paris Writing Workshop, July 2-27

Let’s see…live for a month in Paris, write, learn how to be a better writer from Rolf Potts, drink French wine, and generally enjoy the most beautiful city on earth. Sounds awesome. If, like me, you want to pretend you’re Hemingway during his Paris phase, you’ll be interested in the Paris Writing Workshop, to be held July 2-27 of this year.

In addition to building your writing portfolio and taking “nonfiction storytelling classes” (that’d be travel writing, to you and me), attendees will participate in one-on-one critiques with professional writers, give readings in Parisian bookshops, and receive “survival” French lessons. Mon Dieu!

However, much like college, it isn’t all about class time. Happily, there will be ample opportunity to experience the city, attend cultural events, visit museums, take day-trips to the countryside, read books, hang out in cafes, and even go on a chocolate tour — all of which you can write about during your free time.

Free time?

[Via Written Road]