Best Airline-Inspired Products For Home And Travel

Most souvenirs remind us of travel to a specific place, but how about products to remind us of the journey? Some crafty designers have made home and travel products inspired by (or even made of) airplane designs.


Baggage tag: You can use your initials or your favorite airport code on the baggage tag design of this messenger bag ($129).

Beverage cart: Ever thought those narrow beverage carts would look cool in your home? Bordbar has vintage and new customized beverage carts from 329 euro for a small galley box, 979 euro for the full size trolley.

Boarding pass: With mobile phone check-in, paper boarding passes might soon be a thing of the past. Take your laptop out for security in this snazzy sleeve, which you can customize with your name and flight info ($28.95-32.95).

Flotation device: The same designer as the belt below has taken flotation devices and fashioned them into sleeves for the iPad and iPhone, but we still wouldn’t recommend getting them wet (49-69 euro).

Remove before flight tag: Rather than wear one of those funny-looking neck pillows, use one made with an aircraft tag, complete with a loop for carrying. Don’t feel you have to follow the “remove before flight” instructions though, it works perfectly on a plane or at home ($25).

Safety card: You shouldn’t actually take the safety card from the seat pocket, but you shouldn’t leave your passport there either. Keep it safe with this $20 passport holder (slim wallet also available, $18).

Seat belt: Stay buckled in for safety with a white belt made with a real airplane belt (79 euro). Keep in mind you’ll likely still have remove it for TSA security.

Daily Pampering: Nancy Gonzalez crocodile travel accessories

Daily Pampering is determined to cover the world’s most sumptous spa treatments, tech gadgets, private villas and of course, accessories … but today’s first foray into travel by designer Nancy Gonzalez might just take the 2010 award for “over the top” luxury. Each piece of her new collection, available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman, is handmade in Columbia and 100% crocodile. Luggage trolleys are constructed with titanium to be both ultra durable and totally lightweight … not that we’re letting the airline even think about asking us to check these precious goods.

Gonzalez’s new line includes in iPad case ($1800), passport holders ($425), a croc n’ pony hair trolley ($6125), an all-croc trolley ($7500) and a croc carry-on trolley ($6500).

So what do you think … will you be gifting the luxury traveler in your life something from this collection for the holidays?

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Hemp Passport Holder from Global Exchange

When I travel, between backpacks and
diaperbags, it can sometimes be difficult to find passports through the myriad of checkpoints it takes to get on the
plane or boat, as the case may be.  I’ve recently started keeping all necessary passports and travel documents in
a small pouch slung across my shoulder and chest, so that I can pull them out at a moment’s notice — usually it’s
small enough that it falls under the "only two-carry own bags" requirement, and if necessary, I can shove it
into another bag to reduce the count.

Being a "Fair Trade" fan (i.e., a fan of businesses that
give back to the communities which supply their products), I was really pleased to find this hemp passport holder from Global Exchange.  Available
in natural, black and sage, the holder is compact, yet has room for your passport and many other travel
essentials.  Made from hemp, it’s also sustainable. 

This passport holder is US$18, and
international shipping is available.