The Most Expensive Fishing Trip in the World

A $15,000 fishing trip?!?!?

When I was young, I used to tie fishing line I found hanging in trees to a long stick, tie on a hook I also found, and pop on some Zeke’s floating cheese. This, I actually bought.

But to spend $15,000 on a seven-day fishing trip, wow.

Of course, this isn’t just any trip; it’s the most expensive in the world. And that’s why Forbes Life has written about it.

Casting a Coast Line, by Charles Gaines takes us on board the luxury yacht, Atmosphere, for a fishing trip along the coast of Patagonia in Chile. And what a trip it is. First off, the boat is just loaded with all sorts of toys, most of which I have no idea what they are; “six 23-foot, 200-horsepower Rogue jet-boats, four McKenzie-style drift-boats, four inflatable Zodiacs and a $250,000, 18- passenger, 33-foot Zodiac Hurricane RIB with twin 250-horsepower four-stroke outboards…. and a cherry-red, six-passenger Bell 407 helicopter.” Wow.

Apparently the staff makes use of all these toys to whisk their guests to remote lakes, rivers and lagoons that are teeming with fish and cannot be reached by any other means. Of course, if the guests would rather eat world class food, go whale watching, or be rubbed down by the onboard masseuse, that’s cool too.

Me? I’d want to do it all. I just have to scrape together $15,000 first.