Review: Sewell PC to TV converter – your own movies on the hotel TV!

If you travel with your laptop, chances are you’ve come across problems hooking up your laptop to a hotel TV. Even though a lot of hotels have started upgrading to more modern flat panel TV’s, plenty of hotels still think you are happy using a 15 year old tube TV with a single non HD input.

The main advantage of connecting your laptop to the hotel TV is that you can watch movies or other stuff on a larger screen – sadly, almost every laptop lacks the connector required to plug into a normal video input, found on many of these older TV’s.

This is where the Sewell PC to TV converter can help. This $34.99 box plugs into your computer using three cables – one for VGA video, one for USB (to power it) and one for audio. On the other side of the box, it outputs a composite video signal suitable for almost every TV. The three cables merge into a single cable heading into the unit, making things very neat and tidy.

Of course, the video quality does drop a little when you go from VGA to composite, but it is still decent enough for a Powerpoint presentation or a movie.

Installation takes just 20 seconds, and once everything is hooked up, the only thing remaining is to press the button combination on your laptop to enable video output.

Sewell made a video showing all the features, and how easy it is to use their PC to TV converter. Best of all, since it powers off USB, you do not need to bring a power supply, and the total weight of the unit and its video cable is under ten ounces.

The Sewell PC to TV converter may be a high on the geek factor, but anyone that has suffered through 5 channels of mediocre hotel TV knows how handy it can be to watch your own content.

The PC to TV converter is available from Sewell Direct, and retails for just $34.95. Click here for the product information and ordering page.